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Water Treatment Plants & Spare

Membrane Separation

Advanced membrane separation processes include systems based on micro filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis for sea water and brackish water desalination, industrial process water treatment and waste water recycle.

Using a combination of membrane process and / or electrodeionisation, we offer ultrapure water systems to produce 10-18 Meg.ohm cm specific resistance water, catering to the needs of the pharmaceutical, electronics and semi-conductor industries.

Water Recycle

Our pioneering solutions achieve water management through water recycle and source reduction, and waste management though product recovery and waste minimization.

There integrated systems use innovative energy-efficient, cost effective technologies for optimum water recovery. They include advance effluent treatment processes, micro filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis systems, membrane bio-reactors and advanced photo-chemical oxidation. They conserve water through recycle of waste water and recover valuable products for resue, thus giving our customers a good return on investment while protecting the environment.

They are designed for the recovery and reuse of water and products, such as:

» Waste water from power plants, fertilizer, electronics, electroplating, textile, chemical and automobile industries.
» Cooling tower blowdown
» Metal working oils
» Electrodeposition paint
» Fibre and water in the pulp and paper industry


We manufacture a complete range of gel, isoporous and macroporous cation and anion exchange resins to international standards for water and waste water treatment as well as specility applications.

Speciality products include:

» Pharmaceuticals excipients grade resins
» Food, catalytic and nuclear grade resins
» Chelating resins for brine softening and metals removal
» Resins for sugar purification

Process Water Treatment

We have an extensive range of standard packaged, industrial and custom-built softening, dealkalising and demineralising plants for boiler feed water, cooling water make-up and other process water applications.

We use high flow demineralisation with special regeneration techniques for treatment of turbine and process condensate in thermal, nuclear and process industries.

Standard Water Treatment Systems

Specifically for the Pharma industry we have a completely integrated package for purified / WFI water generation and distribution. These systems are prevalidated completely hot water sanitisable and are designed and manufactured as per cGMP, GAMP and ISPE guidelines, mandatorily run through our water generation and distribution systems conforms to latest USP and pH EUR water standards.

Our packaged and pre-engineered range softeners, filters, demineralisers and reverse osmosis systems are engineered to meet the exacting process water quality requirements of different industries. These high performance, pre-tested and skid-mounted fast track delivery systems are quick to commission, and easy to use and maintain.